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Asuro is an x86 Operating System that started development in 2015 as somewhat of an academic project. Written almost entirely in Freepascal, with NASM used only for bootstrapping & minimal low-level routines, Asuro is a purely hobbyist operating system that differs quite majorly in design from any mainstream OS.

Current Features


  • Multi-boot compliance.
  • Physical → virtual → logical memory management.
  • Task scheduling.
  • Registration based interrupt handling (ISR Manager).
  • Registration based fault handling.
  • Stack/Call Tracing for debug purposes.
  • Virtual Machine for user-land applications.
  • Window management implemented as a TUI in VGA mode.
  • Registration based driver management.
  • Network stack up to UDP (Eth2/ICMP/UDP/ARP) (TCP is in the works!).
  • File-System Support.
  • Basic console font.

Supported Hardware/Drivers

Asuro is currently only fully tested as a VirtualBox guest and has had limited testing on old Athlon (~2002) based hardware. But supported hardware/drivers are listed below:

  • Enhanced Host Controller Interface (EHCI).
  • Open Host Controller Interface (OHCI).
  • Enhanced Host Controller Interface (EHCI).
  • Extensible Host Controller Interface (XHCI).
  • Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI).
  • PS/2 Keyboard
  • PS/2 Mouse
  • Serial
  • Netstack: ETH2/ARP/IPv4/ICMP/UDP
  • Netdev: E1000/I217/82577LM
  • Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE)
  • FAT32 (No ExFAT… Yet…)
  • Real-time Clock (RTC)
  • Programmable Interrupt Controller (PIC)

Built-In GUI Applications



  • Edit: A basic utility for editing files on disk.
  • MemView: A live, scrollable view of physical memory.
  • NetLog: Log of OSI layer calls.
  • Shell: The UI Shell (Taskbar/Menus)
  • Terminal: A basic terminal for issuing commands to Asuro.
  • Themer: Live configuration of the Asuro Shell colors.
  • VMLog: Debugging application giving a live view of VM calls/traces.
  • VMState: State information pertaining to the CPU.

Built-In CLI Applications


  • Version: Display current running version of Asuro.
  • Time: Print the current system time.
  • MemInfo: Print basic memory information.
  • CPU: Print CPU info.
  • BSOD: Force a panic screen.
  • Dev: Driver Management Interface.
  • Disk: Disk Utility.
  • Volume: Volume Utility.
  • ARP: Print the ARP Table/Cache.
  • IFConfig: Network configuration utility
  • Ping: ICMP ping utility.



  Kieron Morris [email protected]
  Aaron Hance [email protected]
  Angus C [email protected]

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Download Asuro (.ISO)
Code (GitLab)