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⚠️ SC4 Launcher is over 10 years old, and is overdue for retirement – DLL mods now offer much more stability & depth to adjustments than could have ever been acheived with a launcher. A massive win for the SC4 playerbase, owing to a number of dedicated & talented individuals.

To get started with DLL mods, please see this simtropolis thread.

SimCity 4 Launcher (SC4Launcher/SC4L) was the most widely used launcher for the popular 2003 Maxis game (SimCity™ 4). Developed by Kieron (t3hn3rd) under the handle Logic_Bomb in early 2013, the launcher aimed to make running the game on modern hardware as painless as possible.

At the start of development and at its heart, the Launcher was based around the generation of simple command-line parameters based on user configuration, these parameters are then passed to SC4 upon launch. By passing the parameters via command-line, the user is able to bypass inbuilt range checks within the SC4 GUI, this allowed the launcher to tell the game to open in 1920×1080 windowed mode, for instance. The Launcher has since evolved into much more than a tool to generate command-line parameters for the non tech savvy and now includes a feature set that aims to provide an overall quality of life enhancement for SimCity 4 and even implements fixes to the outdated ‘graphicsrules’ file to help remedy incompatibilities with modern Graphics Cards.

Current Features

  • Borderless/Seamless Fullscreen Mode.
  • Auto-Update Feature to negate the need to constantly check the STEX.
  • Quick Launch (launch instantly with the latest settings).
  • Auto-Save with interval selection.
  • Auto-Detect native resolution.
  • Configuration of the following parameters: Resolution, Color Depth, Logical Processors, CPU Priority, Render Mode (DX/OpenGL), Audio.
  • Enable/Disable intro/splash screen.
  • Enable/Disable Force Draw on Scroll.
  • Basic Mod Management.

Planned Features

There are a number of features currently in the works for SC4 Launcher, some of these are simply bug fixes based on user feedback, others are fully fledged features.

  • Enhanced user interface.
  • Improved SC4 install location detection.
  • Improved compatibility with the Steam release of SC4.
  • User profiles.
  • Ability to download mods from within the manager.



  Kieron Morris[email protected]
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