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AIS CTF Series – 2.2. – Code Breaker

Break the alpha-numeric code like in spy movies. Each guess returns a score. The higher the score the more characters you have correct and in the correct position.

AIS CTF Series – 2.1. – Brutal Force

This is the fourth challenge in the AIS ‘c4n y0u h4ck 1t’ CTF Challenge Series. This programming challenge requires us to code a solution to correctly guess the PIN & submit it to progress.

AIS CTF Series – 1.3. – Paid Content

Paid Content is the third challenge in the client-side protection section of the AIS ‘c4n y0u h4ck 1t’ CTF Challenge Series. This challenge requires us to be a paid user, but let’s leave the wallet at home.

AIS CTF Series – 1.2. – Timer

Timer is the second challenge in the AIS ‘c4n y0u h4ck 1t’ CTF Challenge Series. We’ll go through how to use breakpoints to defeat this slighly more complex javascript protection.

AIS CTF Series – 1.1. – Super Admin

Super Admin is the first challenge in the AIS ‘c4n y0u h4ck 1t’ CTF challenge series. In this post we’ll be defeating a simple javascript-based client-side protection which will earn us 10 points.

AIS ‘Can you Hack it’ CTF Challenge Series

I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’m the most social person in the world, but 3-weeks of annual leave over Christmas whilst Omicron is running wild definitely left me with far more free time than usual. Once the family visits were over, presents unwrapped, and many drinks had; I found myself at…
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Xplorer Teardown

So I’m going to start with my main Clone Hero guitar, the Xplorer for the Xbox 360. This is one of the ‘meta-guitars’ for CH and honestly is my favourite. It’s a single unit, wired affair that uses the Xbox 360 ‘breakaway’ cable to connect to your PC/Console. It’s easy to use and set up,…
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fireexitman’s GH Repairman

Hey guys, Ash here. If you’re here you probably know that I open up and occasionally fix Guitar Hero guitars on twitch ( for fun, and maybe profit. Aside from the stream videos, I don’t really have any other records of teardowns, fixes or anything else, hence I’ve started a blog! Expect teardowns, the occasional…
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